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Flight capacity from Ukraine to Baltics is booming

What market is most developing last few years from Baltics?  The answer is easy – Ukraine. What is the history of flights between Baltics and Ukraine? Historically, it was kind of tradition – three Baltic national carriers operating to Kiev Borispyl airport: Estonian Air from Tallinn, airBaltic from Riga and flyLAL from Vilnius. There were […]

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Has Nordica lost competition for Tallinn and what are they going to do next?

Estonian government have (had?) a clear strategy: they want to have a national carrier. Estonia is a small market and national carrier gives benefits for country securing connectivity with most important destinations at good times and bad times.  Commitment for national carrier from government is amazing. At the end of 2015, EU ruled Estonian Air […]

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Poland to Baltics flights are su​ccess only for LOT (Wizz Air is out)

Poland is one of the largest economies in Europe, currently taking 10th position by nominal GDP in European countries list. Also this one of the fastest growing economies in Europe for last two decades. This country has population of 38 million people – this is 9th largest country in Europe. Its six times larger than […]

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Most profitable LCC country markets from Baltics

RDC Aviation posted few weeks ago most profitable LCC markets from Baltics. There not much surprise in published data. Ryanair take three most profitable markets: Lithuania to Great Britain, Lithuania to Ireland and Latvia to Great Britain. Most profitable market for Wizz Air is Lithuania to Norway.  Surprisingly, Lithuanian to Georgia takes 9th place in […]

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