Why connecting flights expanding so slow at Ryanair?

In April 2017, Ryanair announced connecting flights in their network and said “will be rolled out “pretty quickly” if things go smoothly” and connecting flights with Aer Lingus and Norwegian should start September (2017).

After 18 months from announcement, Ryanair launched only 3 bases where they let passengers to connect: FCO, BGY and OPO.

Ryanair launched only 2 airlines sales at ryanair.com: Air Europa and Air Malta.

What is the reason, why this is so slow?

Maybe there is no demand for connecting flights? Maybe no success in reaching agreements with airlines to cooperate? Maybe airports are not ready to serve connecting passengers and baggage?

But my best guess is there are barriers on IT side. This was a problem raised by @easyJet in their earnings calls. Airline distribution systems and compatibility between each other is actually at the stone age, comparing to what users are ready to use in the smartphones and laptops. It takes a lot of resources and time to make good connections between two (or more) distribution systems and provide good booking experience for end-user. Also its costly. It may sound crazy, but I believe technology may be the barrier of airlines development. Yeah, 2018.

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