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Average aircraft landing in Vilnius is 40%+ larger than Tallinn

There is one quite big difference in Tallinn Airport comparing to Vilnius Airport – average aircraft size being used.

The reason is because of a higher share of low-cost carriers in Vilnius Airport. The higher share of low costs – bigger a/c used on average. Thats why Kaunas Airport beats any other airport in Baltics.

Riga stands somewhere in the middle – their market share is more European “standard” split shared mainly by “airBaltic” with LCCs.

Larger aircraft used – is it good or bad? Neither. Tallinn and Vilnius have similar number of departures per week, but Vilnius serves 50% more passengers. In theory, both seats are connected at similar level, but average seat price should be lower in Vilnius. Again, this is only theory.

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