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Most profitable LCC country markets from Baltics

RDC Aviation posted few weeks ago most profitable LCC markets from Baltics.

There not much surprise in published data. Ryanair take three most profitable markets: Lithuania to Great Britain, Lithuania to Ireland and Latvia to Great Britain. Most profitable market for Wizz Air is Lithuania to Norway. 

Surprisingly, Lithuanian to Georgia takes 9th place in Top10. Actually, there is only one operator in this market: Wizz Air flies route from Vilnius to Kutaisi 2 times per week. As per analysis, airline makes more than 1 million EUR profit per year, with margin >30%.

Georgian Airways plans to start flying from Tbilisi to Vilnius on April 2, 2019. Route is scheduled 3 times a week, departing Tbilisi at 19:00 and take off from Vilnius at 22:00 (arriving 2AM to capital of Georgia).

Still, it will be difficult to compete for Georgian Airways: they are going to fly on Embraer 190, which will have huge seat cost disadvantage against Wizz Air 230-seater A321. Will be there enough passengers who will pay premium flying to/from Tbilisi and not from Kutaisi?

We will see. Lithuanian Airports published information they awarded Georgian Airways 200 000 EUR cash support for starting this route.

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