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British Airways is leaving Baltics (again): Heathrow to Tallinn will be suspended

Back in 2016, Lithuanians and Latvians became jealous to Estonia (there are many examples of jealousy to Estonians – maybe that’s the reason of many jokes about them): back then, British Airways announced they will start flights from Heathrow airport to Tallinn airport in spring 2017. Even this was only 2 weekly route, but, c’mon! […]

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„Georgian Airways“ is coming to Baltics (finally?)

Georgian Airways announced direct flights from their hub in Tbilisi to Vilnius. Flights are scheduled to start on April 2, 2019. Company plans 3 weekly flights, operating one of their Embraer 190. Flight will take 3 hours and will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays evenings: 19:00 departure from Tbilisi and 22:00 departure from Vilnius. […]

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Most profitable LCC country markets from Baltics

RDC Aviation posted few weeks ago most profitable LCC markets from Baltics. There not much surprise in published data. Ryanair take three most profitable markets: Lithuania to Great Britain, Lithuania to Ireland and Latvia to Great Britain. Most profitable market for Wizz Air is Lithuania to Norway.  Surprisingly, Lithuanian to Georgia takes 9th place in […]

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Average aircraft landing in Vilnius is 40%+ larger than Tallinn

There is one quite big difference in Tallinn Airport comparing to Vilnius Airport – average aircraft size being used. The reason is because of a higher share of low-cost carriers in Vilnius Airport. The higher share of low costs – bigger a/c used on average. Thats why Kaunas Airport beats any other airport in Baltics. Riga […]

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Why connecting flights expanding so slow at Ryanair?

In April 2017, Ryanair announced connecting flights in their network and said “will be rolled out “pretty quickly” if things go smoothly” and connecting flights with Aer Lingus and Norwegian should start September (2017). After 18 months from announcement, Ryanair launched only 3 bases where they let passengers to connect: FCO, BGY and OPO. Ryanair […]

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